Professional Business Fraternity
Sigma Psi - Lindenwood University

No matter where you move, once you are initiated you will always be welcome to any collegian, alumni, or national Delta Sigma Pi event. St. Louis chartered the St. Louis Alumni Chapter (SLAC) in May of 1973. More information on the alumni chapter can be found at

National Recognition and Awards:

  • Most Outstanding Alumni Chapter - 1989, 2002, 2004, 2009, 2014
  • Grand Chapter Congress Host - 1975 (30th), 1989 (37th)
  • Outstanding Professional Activities for an Alumni Chapter - 2004
  • Outstanding Collegiate Relations Award for an Alumni Chapter - 2015
  • Anthony Z. Fernandez Distinguished Alumni Service Award - 2002 (Don Fitzgerald), 2014 (Louis Maull)
  • Deltasig Lifetime Achievement Award - 2009 (Randy Hultz)
  • District Director of the Year Award - 1999 (Brian Krippner, Iota Nu Chapter), 1998 (Shanda Gray, Kappa Omicron Chapter), 1989 (Karen Stebelski, Iota Nu Chapter)
  • Silver Helmet Ceremonies - 2012, 2013 (Recipients: Randy Hultz, Karen Stebelski, William Stebelski, Brian Krippner, Patty Zubal, Mark Jones, Joseph Howard, Mary Sullivan, Clifford Reilly, Donald Fitzgerald, William Conner, Michael Behr, Susan Plassmeyer, Shawn Leven, Ame Krippner, Rick Flynn)