Professional Business Fraternity
Sigma Psi - Lindenwood University

The Sigma Psi chapter is committed to providing value to the students of Lindenwood University as well as the community around the university. We contribute to the community every semester through our various community service events. We also contribute to Lindenwood University through the events that we sponsor as well as volunteering for events that the university sponsors. Professional development is a big part of who Delta Sigma Pi is and a big part of who we are at the Sigma Psi chapter. Students who are chosen to become members of Sigma Psi will have multiple opportunities to meet seasoned professionals and gain experience in the business community. On top of it, Delta Sigma Pi offers students a bond between your fellow collegian members building friendships to last throughout the years. 

"To be a business student and not pledge Delta Sigma Pi would be a silly mistake to make. It is a chance to expand and develop yourself professionally and since business is all about who you know, Delta Sigma Pi is the perfect opportunity to place yourself apart from everyone else. It's true, nothing in business is easy so why miss the chance to lighten your future load a little by investing in something beneficial?"